Doin' Werk: Freedom's Mixtape
(re)Sources for Essay

Here are the dance-related essays I’ve found in my (brief and partially unsuccessful) journey through UK’s libary and Google Scholar.

Jookin’: The Rise of Social Dance Formations in African-American Culture

Most of my source were dance-related, because as Ashley said in class: I need to know more about dance and what its rhetorical political significance is.

Steppin’ on the Blues: The Visible Rhythms of African-American Dance

Same as above.

"Stealing Steps": African American dance and American Culture

And again.

Crip Walk, Villain Dance, Pueblo Stroll: The Embodiment of Writing in African American Gang Dance

This article starts to get into notions of counter-culture and rebellion, which is where I see the dance aspect in professional sports going.

African Dance and the Warrior Tradition

Another article about dance, but this one focuses on dance as an expression of masculinity and individuality.

The Sublime Dance of Mende Politics: An African Aesthetic of Charismatic Power

Honestly, this is one article I’m not sure if I’ll use. On the one hand I’m interested in dance as a political expression, but this one might be too focused for my use.

African Echoes, Modern Fusions: Caribbean Music, Identity and Resistance in the African Diaspora

Dance and resistance again intertwined.

Signifyin(g), sanctifyin’ & slam dunking : a reader in African American expressive culture

These last two source are the real meat of my essay— focusing on dance in sports and assessing its impact as an act of rhetorical resistance and assertion of individuality.

"Please Don’t Fine Me Again!" Black Athletic Defiance in the NFL and NBA

Again, looking at dance as rebellion and individual expression.